How much money to bet when online ipl betting?-Fun88

How much money to bet when online ipl betting?-Fun88

The stake in online ipl betting at Fun88


Criteria to decide how much money to bet online at Fun88

Deciding how much money to stake on a sports bet is the most important aspect when it comes to betting at Fun88. The selection of the stake in online ipl betting and cricket determines the risk we run, and at the same time, the potential profit of that operation.

Therefore, if we want to be successful when sports betting at Fun88 and make money in the long term, we must be very careful in choosing the stakes very well. Money is the key to succeed in online ipl betting, and to enjoy a long and healthy operation if you are online betting.

Stake betting - how much to bet at Fun88 when cricket betting

The stake is the fraction of our bankroll or budget that we risk on a specific bet. In other words, it is the money we bet at Fun88. And we must always remember that for a good money management, stakes must always be limited.

Unfortunately, this is one of the aspects less considered by many bettors at Fun88. Most tipsters spend long hours following soccer matches and teams, understanding coaches' tactics and game modes. And yet, they end up assigning stakes by eye based on their intuition.

Even tough, when it comes to deciding how much money to bet on a soccer match - or any other sporting competition - a few simple mathematical basics will give us a lot of robustness in the results when betting at Fun88. And they will also guarantee adequate risk management in case of failure.

To determine how much money to bet at Fun88, we must consider several factors:

The value of the bet itself: Whatever method we choose should increase the amount of money to bet if the odds of hitting are high and reduce this figure if the odds are low at ipl betting.

Moreover, if we are good predictors and have great confidence in our methods of finding value, increase the stake if our bet has a high expected positive value.

Discretionary stake selection methods: Those methods rely on the tipster's intuition or experience when deciding the amounts to bet. This is what most players do. To do it well and to be robust in your operations, you should establish rules of action.

The most experienced tipsters can become very profitable using this system when betting at Fun88. However, developing intuition requires a long period of training, trial and error, hit and miss. Betting this way can cost you a fortune until you develop this skill. Therefore, it is not recommended for anyone starting out in the world of betting.
Ipl betting

Knowing when an outcome is very likely or unlikely is not very difficult, a simple look at the odds being paid will give you an idea of the probability. However, getting a clear notion of value based on intuition alone is more difficult to develop.

Before placing bets, it is preferable to practice clearing bonuses. Therefore, the advice is that if you are a beginner in betting, do not use discretionary methods. There are some other alternatives you can use if you want to earn more money when online ipl betting at Fun88:

Stake for fixed-odds bets: It is a very simple system to calculate the stake, and at the same time very powerful. It is about making all our bets in such a way that you always get the same prize. The calculation formula is very easy:

Stake = Prize / Quota

It's as simple as it gets. And using our betting calculator, even more so. If you set your target stake limit as a prize, you will never exceed it, so with this betting system you will also have a very good control of the risk without doing anything else.

The fixed-premium criterion is a simple but very effective method for deciding the stake.

Betting to earn a certain profit: The problem of setting prizes with our stake lies in the fact that for low odds we will earn little money. Many tipsters prefer high odds regardless of losing streaks, but for many novice bettors this can be very disappointing. Therefore, they prefer to bet and win more often, and play at relatively low odds.

One way to correct this problem is to aim for a systematic profit on every bet. That is, betting that we will always win, on net, the same if we are right. To know how much money to bet with this strategy, you should apply the following formula:

Stake = Profit / (Odds -1)

Notice that this method unfortunately does not limit the stakes. If the odds are very close to 1, the denominator will approach zero, multiplying the stake enormously. For example, if we decide to place a live bet on a soccer match in the 80th minute with the home team winning 2-0, we will find odds of 1.1 or even lower.

If our target profit is 10 euros, we will need to bet 100 to get it, 10 times more money than the profit we are looking for! It is not difficult, therefore, with this criterion to exceed the stake limit of our operation. This requires additional controls, which complicate its use and are impractical in certain situations such as live betting.

The Kelly Rule for online ipl betting: John Larry Kelly, mathematician and creator of the Kelly formula to optimize the stake of our bets. We cannot finish an entry related to the selection of stakes in online ipl betting without mentioning Kelly's rule and its creator. John Larry Kelly was a brilliant scientist who worked in the mid-20th century at the legendary Bell Labs.

Besides from many other achievements, including the creation of synthetic computer music, in 1956 John L. Kelly found the mathematical formula for maximizing the mathematical expectation of profit in binomial probabilistic systems.

Explained in simple terms, Kelly's formula gives us the stake that maximizes long-term profits in online ipl betting. Its calculation is quite simple:

Stake (%) = [(PR% x C) - 100] / (C - 1)

Where: Stake(%): percentage of the bankroll to bet. PR%: real probability of winning the bet in percent C: odds of the bet

Although it may seem like a panacea and that by simply using this formula we should make a fortune with our bets, it is not so much. Kelly's criterion is based on some assumptions, such as the exact knowledge of the real probability, which are valid for mathematical calculations but which in real life mean taking a very high risk.

Even tough, it is not so advisable to use it in soccer betting or other sports competitions unless you are a very veteran bettor. If your track record of successful forecasts justifies a high confidence in your probability estimates, it can be a very powerful tool.

However, it must be used with care, and it is often advisable not to use this result as is. Therefore, we will prepare a post to talk exclusively about it for later.

For simplicity and ease of use, our general advice is to work with the fixed-premium method. By taking a stake limit with reasonable values between 5% and 10% of our bankroll we will have a very good control of the risk, and we will make sure that we bet little money when the probability of success is low, and more when we have higher probabilities of success.

If you are a veteran and have a lot of bets behind you, then you can use other methods. Most experienced bettors use discretionary methods, and very few use the Kelly formula. Even so, the fixed-premium criterion or even the imposed profit criterion can give you very good results.

Depending on the odds you are working with and your knowledge of the market, one or the other can work very well.

Other features to consider before online ipl betting at Fun88

  • Design a strategy when online ipl betting at Fun88: Yes, your vision and your instinct have made you win impossible bets that have allowed you to fool your friends for a while, but you know very well that to win more and better you must think of a strategy now! And there is no worse long-term plan than simply following your emotions.
  • In order not to lose money you need a strategy, or what is the same: define your bankroll, focus on a specific competition, inform yourself very well about how the players and teams arrive, the field conditions and check statistics at Fun88.
  • Patience is the most important aspect in online ipl betting at Fun88: Of course, you are going to lose, no matter how much you inform yourself and specialize, losing is one of the things that will happen to you the most when you get into online ipl betting at Fun88.
  • Get used to it and don't despair if at the beginning things don't work out as well as you thought, betting is a very long-term career and the more you bet, the more you will learn and the more money you will earn in the future at Fun88.
  • Look for new leagues if you are into online ipl betting at Fun88: There are thousands of competitions around over the world. So, if you want to find odds with value you will have more chances to do it in more secondary leagues. Therefore, you know, always invest part of your time in researching new leagues, and competitions, and start betting at Fun88 with patience and persistence.

Betting at Fun88

If you want to bet on your favorite sports, you can visit Fun88. Fun88 offers the best bonuses, promotions and benefits for bettors around over the world when you are onlinecricketbetting.

Furthermore, it’s so easy to register at Fun88 due to the user friendly interface it provides to you.

So, start online cricket betting at Fun88!

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